Mafreidyne was purchased on April 2018 as a birthday present to myself on Namecheap and is hosted on Leprd as of April 2021. Originally was hosted by Hostgator. The name mafreidyne actually came from the Persona series and with Persona 5 that came out in 2017 in North America, I've wanted something with the word "dyne" in it. Thanks to Samantha for helping me narrow down the list, this name was chosen from the attack list of the Persona wiki page. is actually the seventh and recent domain I've had. Originally I started out being hosted in a subdomain then I build my way up to domains. Back then, I was only focused on fanlistings and only had a fanlisting collective. I later wanted to have a little space for myself, next to fanlistings. I made plans to do shrines, except I didn't really do much. It wasn't until after I've gotten Mafreidyne I've actually started to properly map things out.


Why hello. If you're reading this, it's nice to meet you. My name is Michelle. You probably used to know me as Mayumi since that was my alias for a time in the fanlisting and shrine community to not get mixed up with others who share the same name as I. It wasn't until recently I decided to go with my real name once again. I was born on May 3rd (which makes me a Taurus if anyone is curious about my sign) in Ontario, Canada and still residing in the same province. I'm a total and complete Apple user for I'd like to say 10+ years. Pretty much everything I have is from Apple: my phone (started with the iPhone 3G, currently with iPhone 12), my computers (iMac (main) and Macbook Air (travel)) and my tv box (Apple TV). I'm known as a bubbly kind of person who tries to cheer people up when they're down, but underneath that persona, I'm pretty much a loud lonely girl surrounded by dolls and plushes to hide away her loneliness.

As interests go: I love to sing, watch anime, read manga (depending on the genre), listening to J-Pop music, studying the Japanese language and play video games (Tales was originally my main base but now I share it with Persona). I originally had an interest for acting/voice acting but it diminished after an actor I held in highest regard passed away in 2016. It might come back again in the future, depending how I feel. Getting into new things is a bit kinda hard for me since I love to stick with old stuff. I won't deny that I'm a bit old-fashioned, haha. I also love period dramas (I'm a bit of a sucker for romance) and I'm a fan of royal families across the world (includes Swedish, Danish, Norweigians and some members of the British and Japanese royal families). Next to shrining, I also make gifs that I post on Tumblr on my spare time. Recently, I started to stream due to the pandemic of 2020 to the present. And its been really fun and I enjoy doing it.

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